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Photo Diary by Brittany Markert
Analog Photographer/Printmaker

all images by me or portraits of me unless otherwise noted
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// my darkroom closes in a week for 5 weeks! 😱 I’m having an end of the summer sale on my 5x7 work prints as I won’t be printing for awhile! or any print on my website, thanks for the support! CODE: SUMMER15 ❤️ #inrooms #analog #brittanymarkert
// Back to printing #TheCollector, the story that keeps me alive underground 🌑 #inrooms #pentax67 #analog #brittanymarkert #darkroom
// down in the trenches printing 11x14 exhibition prints 👯 #analog #darkroom #pentax67 #brittanymarkert #inrooms
fiber based silver gelatin print, 2014

Anonymous said: Hi! I see that you have the pentax 67, I was considering buying it, mostly for fashion and portrait, and I was wondering if it was heavy? Is it ok to shoot without a tripod for an entire shoot or is it as exhausting as a mamiya press? :)


Yes, I love my Pentax 67 and it is indeed a heavy beast. I would say 90% of the time I use my tripod…  I would be exhausted to hold it for an entire shoot, but that being said, I have very tiny and weak arms! If you’re hand-holding it, the wooden handle helps to carry it mid-shot. I’ve read about plenty of photographers that carried it around, just good to have a camera bag around your shoulder to put it in mid-take or an assistant to hand it to because it’s too heavy to hold for long!


Brittany Markert by creativerehab:

Sheer #5.
Lo-res 120 film scan.
by stephanecoutellephoto:

Brittany Markert pour Insomnies 2014
El erotismo tenebroso de Brittany Markert | urban

Some works up on The City Loves You, take a peek, even better if you speak spanish

selenium toned fiber based silver gelatin print, 2014
from the desk of Todd Hido

selenium toned fiber based silver gelatin print, 2014